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What does Kubernetes(K8s) have to do with Standard Oil Company?

  last edited: Sat, 13 Nov 2021 19:53:08 +0000   
In the dynamics around the development and evolution of Kubernetes, I see the same pattern as in 1882 when Rockefeller used gift oil lamps to boost paraffin sales.
Though Standard Oil already monopolized the domestic market, it was always looking for new opportunities. In 1882, the company sent a merchant named William Herbert Libby to East Asia, where he was soon distributing pamphlets praising the safety of kerosene lamps—and the lamps themselves. Like some latter-day software developer passing out free laptops, Libby saw to it that eight million Mei Foo, or “good luck” kerosene lamps were either sold for a pittance or given away free, with millions more soon to follow.

“In many countries, we had to teach the people…to burn oil by making lamps for them;” Rockefeller wrote in his memoirs.

Similarly, open-source Kubernetes, gifted to the general public by Google, is boosting sales in the Big Tech-dominated market of cloud platform providers such as Microsoft's Azure,[3] IBM Cloud,[4] Amazon's EKS,[5] Google's Kubernetes Engine [6]

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